Bite the right Apple after thanksgiving- Your guide to iPad sale

Wondering what to expect from 2017 Nov sale of iPads? You came to the right place. We have all you need to know about the iPad’s Nov sales.

ipad sale


This is the biggest time of the year for Apple fans. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s sale of the most sought-after gadget brand in the world.

iPad has been the top on the list for many this sale as an iPad packs the features of many of devices in one. And we all know how pricey Apple gadgets are.

Though we have some discount estimates on some iPads even though no one can spot just how much but we have some great iPads for sale on Friday, the 24th next month.

Having come out of the many versions of iPads in the Apple sale makes it easier for you to pick from. There are many retailer giants that have already begun offering discounts on Apple products (Best Buy has cut the rope already like last year). We can safely expect for many mini deals too, apart from the main price cuts that we will see during the actual Black Friday.

Before it’s here, know how to find your best deal-

  • Get the latest most-

We all know how quickly technologies change and especially when it comes to the ever-surprising Apple. Here’s what you should do- look for the latest launched iPad. iPad Pro 12.9 Inch is the latest in the top of most expected iPad to be discounted on.

iPad Pro 12.9 and 10.5 inch has still not become something everyone’s donning in their hands and are pretty recent.

Another one that I’m looking forward to is the iPad Mini 2 or even iPad Air that can give you the iOS 11-the latest (you may have to upgrade them next year).

  • Memory and the display

What makes more importance over most other features is the memory. Apple has never compromised with display, even in the old models. Still you should be careful about the pixel’s density (264ppi minimum) and RAM of 2GB.

  • Is Cellular Connectivity really needed by you?

If that is the case, then there surely will be a need to hike up the budget. If you can skip it then Wi-Fi only is still a great feature. You can always use tethering and connect your phone with your iPad. All you’d need is a good data connection. Rest is no big deal.

You get a lot of scopes to save your bucks with Wi-Fi Only, as I can’t think of many places where there isn’t free Wi-Fi available these days.

  • Coolest Specs-

While it’s a sale, you can take a lot of advantage of this if you are an artist or want a long-running iPad. The iPad 12.9 inch and iPad 10.5-inch model will surely be the “iPad-to-go” for artists or tech lovers. They feature the Smart Keyboard and Smart Pencil and getting a cut on their prices is very much what analysts predict this year end.


  • Hey small screen lovers, this is for you!

iPad mini 4 is the latest in the mini iPad series and also a really good option for you if you want an iPad that you can actually carry around.

Even if you have a larger hand, this is a great choice in case you travel a lot.

Cut to the chase, your mini guide-

  • Check the memory– iPad Mini 4
  • Small size iPad– iPad Mini 4
  • Check the display– iPad Air 2
  • Want a powerhouse?- iPad Pro 12.9-Inch and iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • Good Display- iPad Pro 12.9-Inch and iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • Smart Features– iPad Pro 12.9-Inch and iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • Affordable, durable and latest? The “New iPad” 2017

So, go to your nearest store to get the best deals now that you know what to expect from Apple’s latest craze.

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